Thanks to You, Blood Drive Was a Success!


his holiday season has much more meaning for many people who need blood transfusions, thanks to community blood drive donors and volunteer workers who participated in the Kiowa Community Blood Drive on December 11, 2015. On behalf of the patients whose lives are changed by your recent donation, we thank you.

A total of 35 people came to give blood. 8 donors were deferred, 2 did not get to give a full unit, and 1 donated double red cells. A total of 26 much appreciated productive units were donated this time, which meant we were 5 units short of our goal that was set for this drive.

Volunteers who took the time to help others by donating blood were Christina Duvall, Gary Jacobs, Katie Kirkpatrick, Trayce Lohmann, Aneta Bonham, Pam Cox, Raymond Randall, Josie Miranda, Bev Anderson, Shawn Johnson, Keith Fink, Jim Greenwood, Dan Lukins, Karen Watts, Marlene Kruckenberg, Dwayne Kruckenberg, Jim Jacobs, Glenna Reif, Judy Schrock, Karen Lambert, Norma Jacobs, Chris Tharp, Max McGee, Debbie Leech, Cody Jackson, Charles Meitl, Larry Kaufman, Ron Allenbach, Holly Drake, Marilyn Mizner, Avis Johnson, Randy Blunk, Jeanette Sciara, Krista Pollock, and Christina Kaumans.

Thank you to all our loyal volunteers and businesses who are always willing to help with the blood drive. Marlene Kruckenberg helped with advance publicity. Local volunteers who called donors to schedule appointments were Pam Cox, Corrine Rose, Anita Patterson, Roxie Blunk, and Judy Schrock. Registrars were Anita Patterson, Marcia Michel, Norma Jacobs, and Barbara Stevens. Donor escorts were Dee Coggins, Pat Noble, and Cindy Archuleta. Canteen workers were Lou Stone and Bob Hays. Shirley Nelson, Pat Noble, and Roxie Blunk joined Lou and Judy in supplying cookies. Hometown Market furnished meat for the homemade sloppy joes, and The General Store donated the food and supplies not covered by the American Red Cross.

Bob Hays, Craig Ragan, Marlene Kruckenberg, and Judy Schrock helped set up tables and chairs and unload the truck at noon. Bob Hays, Craig Ragan, and John Albright helped store the tables and chairs when the blood drive was finished.

Thank you to Rex Zimmerman at Kiowa News, KPAK, KREJ, and KQZQ Radio for publicity support, Dwayne Kruckenberg for putting out the street sign, Randy Blunk for returning the sign stand in the evening, and City of Kiowa for use of the Community Building.

The next Kiowa Community blood drive will be Friday, February 12, 2016, at the Community Building, 2-6 pm. Contact American Red Cross at 1-800-RED-CROSS or to schedule an appointment yourself. “Give Something that Means Something” every time you make a blood donation. You literally give a gift that can help save lives.