Hospital Board Elects Brenna May New Chairperson, Hears Reports

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of KDH was called to order at 8:27pm May 19th, 2016 at the Community Building by Pat Myers. Board members present were Chantae Simpson, Brenna May, Jeff Miller and Jim Parker. Also present were Margaret Grismer, CEO, Janell Goodno, CFO, Melissa Stroh, PA, Heidi Courson, DON, Kim Balding, Manor Administrator and members of the press and public.

Jeff moved to add item 3a, Election of Officers, to the agenda; Chantae seconded; motion carried.

Election of Officers: Pat nominated Chantae for Chairperson; there was no second. Jeff nominated Brenna for Chairperson; Jim seconded; motion carried. Brenna May is our new Chairperson.

Chantae nominated Jeff for Vice-Chairperson; Pat seconded; motion carried. Jeff Miller is our new Vice-Chairperson.

Jim Parker will remain Secretary by acclamation and Chantae Simpson will remain Treasurer by acclamation.

Jeff moved to approve the minutes of the April 28th regular meeting; Chantae seconded; motion carried.

The Hospital Statistical Report was presented. April had 6 admits with 12 inpatient days and 2 swing bed admits with 16 days and 559 outpatient visits. The Clinic had 299 visits. The Manor currently has 22 residents.

The payment of hospital and manor bills was reviewed. Pat moved to approve as presented; Jeff seconded; motion carried. There were no uncollectible accounts for April. Pat moved to approve the bad debt accounts for April; Chantae seconded; motion carried.

The Hospital financials for April were reviewed. The Hospital had a total operating revenue of $209,114, operating expenses of $392,227, and non-operating revenue of $191,228 for a revenue in excess of expenses of $8116.

April financials for the Manor show a total operating revenue of $112,532, total operating expenses of $137,934, total non-operating revenue of $6048 for a revenue in excess of expenses of -$19,354. Pat moved to approve as presented; Chantae seconded; motion carried.

There was no Old Business, New Business nor Administrator Report.

The Rural Health Clinic has a requirement that the physician see twice as many patients as the mid-level. We will apply for an exemption as we are not currently compliant.

Manor Report: The Manor has 22 residents today with a new resident expected Monday. There is also a couple interested together in coming to the Manor. The childcare age requirement is being changed from 2 years to 19 months. There is half-price enrollment through May. The rates for childcare have been lowered slightly. The bus recently took 5 residents and 5 kids to the museum at Alva for a joint outing. Four CNA’s are interviewing next week. Our new DON for the Manor starts May 23rd. The carport will be installed Friday. The second phase of PEAK has started. Mobile Meals has at least one person that will need financial support. Serve safe training has been completed.

DON report: Robin Whitaker will assume the RMQA position. Holly will go to night shift and they will be at full staff at the Hospital. The Rural Health Clinic did 96 sports physicals including baseline concussion on all.

Medical Staff Appointments: None

The June regular Board meeting will be June 23rd at 7:00 pm at the KDH Clinic lobby.

At 9:08pm Chantae moved to adjourn; Jeff seconded; motion carried. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

James E Parker, Secretary