Update to City Council Story

Updating information for the Kiowa City Council story in the July 13 issue of The Kiowa News:

Council voted unanimously to approved the “burn out” competition to be held at the corner of 7th and Miller Street as part of the Labor Day festivities.

Council felt a mill levy increase of nearly 8 mills was too much and instructed City Administrator Lou Leone to rework the figures to keep the mill levy increase as small as reasonably possible. Council will hold a special meeting on July 25 at 8:00 p.m. to again review the budget and finalize it for publication.

Council was also informed that the recent electric issues apparently burned out a bulb in the projector at the Chief Theater. Technicians were scheduled to be in Kiowa on Wednesday to replace the bulb, which costs $1,000, and do other service work if needed. If the work and bulb replacement is not covered by city insurance, it will be paid for by taxpayers. The city owns the building and equipment of the local theatre and pays to keep it all functioning, including some fees associated with running the theater business. The actual business of “The Chief Theater” , however, is owned by a local businessman, who is not charged a fee by the city for using the building and equipment. The city does not have any written agreement with the businessman to cover use of the equipment and building, who is responsible for insurance coverage, etc.