BOE Reorganizes for New School Year


It was time to reorganize for the new year at the U.S.D. 255 Board of Education meeting on Monday, July 11. The meeting was held at 6:00 p.m. in the District Office.

Board members present were Dooli Rugg, Deb Helfrich, Melissa Simpson, Mike Miller and Mariah Doherty, along with board president Steve Allen. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Andi Williams, 7-12 Principal Brent Shaffer and PreK-6 principal Eric Stoddard.

First action of the meeting was organizing for the 2016-2017 school year. Steve Allen was re-elected as President and Mark Pollock as vice-president. Julie Johnson was then appointed and approved as Board Clerk, Luke MacKinney as Deputy Clerk and Walter Fry as Board Treasurer.

Moving into the regular meeting, the board approved the agenda and previous minutes and approved current bills totaling $258,032.48.

Principal Shaffer gave a short report for the high school and junior high and noted that Drivers Education is completed with 14 students participating. He said that the schedule will be finalized when all positions are filled, and enrollment is coming up soon.

If a foreign language instructor is not found, students may have to take language classes online, he reported.

FFA officers attended leadership camp, basketball camp was held July 11-13, and summer weights continue through the end of the month.

Board member Melissa Simpson reported on a summer food program that is being used in Medicine Lodge. It is funded through the government for any child up to age 18, and the board agreed to look into the program.

Policy Updates

The board next approved Kansas Assn. of School Board policy updates covering several items including: Requisitions; Security and Safety; Memorials, Funerals, and Naming of District Facilities; Emergency Safety Interventions; Staff-Student Relations; Use of Tobacco Products and Nicotine Deliver Devices; Family and Medical Leave Act Plan; Additional Duty; Student Privacy Policy; Truancy; Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Devices for Students; Weapons (airguns); Reporting to Law Enforcement; Health Screenings; Concealed Observations.

The board next voted to:

  • Approved monthly meeting date as the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the District Office at 512 Main Street. In the event of a Monday holiday, the meeting will be held the next day, Tuesday, at same time and place.
  • Approved the 1,116 hour school year, which is currently used.
  • Approved the Peoples Bank and First State Bank as official depositories for district funds. Checking accounts are at the First State Bank and interest accounts at the Peoples Bank. Andi Williams, Julie Johnson and Luke MacKinney will have approved signatures for the Petty Cash and Centennial Account funds while authorized signatures for the District funds accounts are the board treasurer, board president and board clerk.
  • Approved petty cash limits of $800 for the Central Office, $500 for PreK-6, and $1,500 for 7-12 building. Principal Shaffer was approved to administer the high school activity fund and Eric Stoddard the elementary activity fund.
  • Approved textbook and workbook rental fees. PreK through 6th Grade workbooks are $25 and 1st through 6th textbooks are $25. Both workbooks and textbooks for Grades 7-12 are $30 each.
  • Approved student fees. Student Activity Tickets are $30 and Adult Activity Tickets are $40. Family (immediate) Activity Tickets are $100.
  • Approved meal prices. Breakfast costs will be $1.90 for Elementary, $2.10 for Grades 7-12 and $3.20 for Adults. Lunch prices will be $2.60 for Elementary, $2,85 for Grades 7-12 and $3.70 for Adults. All prices reflect a 10-cent increase over last year.
  • Approved the board clerk to pay bills early when necessary.
  • Approved the mileage reimbursement rate of 54-cents per mile.
  • Approved district personnel to destroy old records as per state statutes.
  • Approved all board action which established policy during the previous year and approved the KASB Board Policy book as policy.
  • Approved Steve Allen as SCK-SEC representative.
  • Approved Deb Helfrich as Governmental Relations Network representative.
  • Appointed: Superintendent as federal programs representative and compliance officer; Principals as truancy officers for their respective buildings; Julie Johnson as Food Service representative; Superintendent as free and reduced meal appeals hearing officer; Julie Johnson as KPERS representative; Kansas Assn. of School Boards as school attorney; Superintendent as coordinator for homeless students; The Kiowa News as official district newspaper; Busby, Smith & Ford as district auditor; Superintendent as communications manager, purchasing agent and custodian of records.

Items for board review included the Notice of Non-Discrimination, which will be published, competitive bidding guidelines, 2016-2017 calendar, procedures for requesting public records, Capital Outlay resolution (present resolution is still in effect), immunization guidelines, record retention guidelines, home rule resolution (giving board the authority to interpret policy) and review of scheduled insurances.

In final action, the board held a couple of short executive sessions and were asked to take into consideration changing school board members to At-Large positions instead of the present district election system.

Board members will hold a Strategic Planning Workshop on July 20 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the District Office.