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Kiowa Enjoys “Old Fashioned” Christmas with No Electricity

City administrator Lou Leone took this pictures of power pole damage.

City administrator Lou Leone took this pictures of power pole damage.


An “Old Fashioned” Christmas? Well, that’s the way it seemed on Christmas Day as the town spent around 13 hours or so without electric power.

A line of thunderstorms and very strong straight line winds roared through town just after the noon knocking out power to Kiowa after several power poles were flattened on the main power line south of town.

Local crews were quickly on the scene and at least two other utility crews were summoned to help as the work continued into the night. Power came back on to much of the town shortly after 1:00 a.m.

On the bright side, temperatures on Christmas Day hovered just under 60 degrees allowing kids and adults alike to get out and enjoy the nice weather.

The storm also left more damage. The roofs at Bogner, Inc. at 4th and Main and The Corner Stop at 7th and Main were heavily damaged by the winds, and there were numerous limbs down throughout the community.

During the power line repairs, City Administrator Lou Leone tried to keep citizens up to date on what was going on with his Facebook posts throughout the evening.

Labor Day 5K Run Makes Donations

It’s that giving time of year, and the First State Bank Labor Day 5K Run made two donations of $1,000 each to the Friends of Kiowa District Hospital and Manor Foundation and the Kiowa Fire Department last week. Pictured (left to right) are Justin Binder of The First State Bank, 5K Run director Melissa Rector, Judy Schrock from the Hospital and Manor foundation, and Roger Robison from the fire department.


Lady Chieftains 2nd


The South Barber Lady Chieftains are now 5-1 after taking 2nd place in the NWOSU Prep Classic last weekend at Alva, and Tuesday night’s win at South Haven. The Chieftain boys, meanwhile, are now 3-3 after winning the consolation bracket at the NWOSU tournament and defeating South Haven on Tuesday night.

Hometown Grocery Meeting Minutes


The annual meeting of the Hometown Market was held on Monday, November 28, 2016 in the South Barber High School auditorium.  President, Mike Miller, called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.  He welcomed everyone to the meeting and informed them that this was the 73rd year of the Kiowa Cooperative Association.

Secretary, Melissa Rector, read the notice of the meeting, as well as, the minutes from 2015.  Chris Tharp moved to accept the minutes as read.  Deb Helfrich seconded.  The minutes stood approved as read.

Amanda Helfrich reviewed the financial statement for the year.  She indicated that even though sales were down the store still had net earnings of approximately $67,500.  Amanda also shared that the board had elected to pay out 100% of the dividends for the year.

Next, elections to the board were held as Candi Davis and Melissa Rector’s terms were up.  Bill Watson nominated Candi and Melissa to serve again, Jeff Miller seconded.  Dee Coggins moved that nominations cease.  Candi and Melissa will serve another term.  Mike informed the assembly that Mark Johnson had resigned from the board and that Trent Humphrey had agreed to serve in his place.  Pam Green nominated Trent to finish serving the rest of Mark Johnson’s term.  Franklin Wright seconded.

Manager, Alice Wright, then gave her report.  She started by thanking Carl and Amanda for all of their work and the patrons for their support.  She then introduced and thanked her employees.  Alice explained the transfer of cooperatives from Affiliated Foods to AWG.  She is focused on replacing the outside lights and expanding the kitchen area in the future.

Mike Miller asked for old business.  There was none.  He then asked for new business, there was none.

The entertainment for the night was a mini vocal concert by SBHS alumni and NWOSU music major, Naicee Guglemeyer.  It was beautiful!

Door Prizes consisted of fruit baskets, candy dishes, and gift cards to the store and were distributed throughout the night and the winners were Marla Talbott, Helen Beisel, Virginia Dixon, Jeff Miller, Darrell Hunt, Christina Duvall, Terry Wolf, Melissa Simpson, Judy Schrock, Kayla Pavlu, Luda Andersen, Ronnie Dominick, and Buddy Liggenstoffer.

Fred Gillig moved that we adjourn, Dee Coggins seconded.  Motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:42 p.m.