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KDH Names John Chiaffitelli, D.O., as Chief of Staff

Dr. John Chiaffitelli, left, has been named the new Chief of Staff at Kiowa District Healthcare. He is pictured with current staff members Mindy Kobbeman, P.A.,, center, and Melissa Stroh, P.A.

KIOWA DISTRICT Healthcare has named John Chiaffitelli, D.O., as the new Chief of Staff.

Dr. Chiaffitelli “Dr. C” is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician. He joins KDH from his private practice in Edmond, Oklahoma. He received his Doctorate from Oklahoma State University of Osteopathic Medicine in 1995. Dr. Chiaffitelli completed his residency at University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

Dr. Chiaffitelli is a member of several prestigious organizations including American College of Physicians, American Medical Association, American Society of Internal Medicine, and Oklahoma Osteopathic Association.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Chiaffitelli to our team,” said KDH CEO Margaret Grismer. “Dr. Chiaffitelli’s years of experience in Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) facilities will provide the medical leadership needed to expand our Swing-Bed program.”

Dr. Chiaffitelli started his new position on August 1st and he will be in clinic every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Suspected Tornado Rips Through Kiowa

Roof of swimming pool was ripped off and tossed across the street.

Football bleachers were blown across the field to the visitors side.


Kiowa has had its share of storms this year, beginning on Christmas Day with a severe wind event followed just a month ago, June 30, by an even stronger wind storm that did considerable damage throughout the area.

But nothing prepared the community for the storm that hit Saturday evening just around supper time. Witnesses report seeing as many as three funnel clouds dipping from the clouds, and the damage would seem to back up the belief that at least one of those funnels ripped across the northern part of the community.

The storm hit just around 6:00 p.m. with severe winds, torrential rains and hail. But suddenly, towards the end of the storm, the winds became stronger and shifted directions, and tore through town.

While just about every resident and business had damage, the worst was in the northern half of town where windows were blown out, buildings crushed by trees and roofs ripped off of homes.

The Kiowa Swimming Pool had its roof ripped off and dumped west across the street in the front yard of the Jerry Darger residence. South Barber High School had an air condition unit torn from the roof, and the large grandstand at the high school football field, which had just been completely renovated just a couple of years ago, was torn from the ground, concrete anchor posts and all, and thrown east across the field ending up on the visitor’s side.

Downtown businesses also took a big hit. Large windows were blown out at Kiowa Locker, Bogner, Inc., the antique store and others, while siding was torn off the Thurman Harvesting building and the Southern Baptist Church. Roofs and siding were also ripped off other buildings, particularly in the north part of town. With the heavy rains, street flooding was also a problem for a short time with city crews working diligently to clear sewer drains to let the water escape.

Electric power was lost during the storm, and when the extent of the damage to poles and lines was realized, City Administrator Lou Leone put out a call for mutual aid from area towns for electric crews and equipment.

The response was tremendous. Crews started arriving Saturday night and worked throughout the night. Sunday, many more streamed into Kiowa from all over Kansas and Oklahoma. Dozens of poles had to be replaced not only in town, but outside as well, and electric service lines reattached to homes and businesses. Their efforts paid off as Kiowa’s power came back on at 1:00 a.m. Monday morning.

The community once again really came together to help everyone get through the storm’s aftermath. The electric work was coordinated out of the ambulance shed, where a generator kept power going, while volunteers met at the Community Building and were recruited to go around town and help residents where they could.

Sandwiches were served at noon to any residents or workers that wanted a meal, and at suppertime, hamburgers and hot dogs cooked at the Hometown Market were served to anyone that was hungry.

The state’s Emergency Management unit was contacted and was expected to arrived in Kiowa sometime Monday to survey the damage and give an assessment of the cause of the damage.

Needless to say, a big Thank You goes out to all the city workers and electric crews who came through big in getting Kiowa back on its feet. And an even bigger thanks to the residents who came together in a time of need to help each other through what many say is the worst storm they have ever witnessed in our community.

The clean-up will continues for several more days and weeks.

An old quilt from Kiowa that was found by an Alva man while cleaning out his father’s house was donated to the Kiowa Historical Museum last week. Rod Murrow said he came upon the quilt and quickly realized that it was from the Kiowa CSW Club and had a date of 1940. He did some research on what old Kiowa News editions from the 1940’s he could find online and found the club mentioned a few times, but didn’t know what the initials “CSW” stood for. Rod called The Kiowa News with the request to donate the quilt, which is in excellent condition, and was put in touch with Buford Cloyd from the Historical Society. Friday morning Rod and his wife, Carolyn, drove from Alva to the Kiowa Historical Museum to donate the quilt. Pictured above (left to right) are historical society members Marsha Michel, Darlene Cloyd, Buford Cloyd and Nita Birdwell along with Carolyn and Rod Murrow. There are names on the individual quilt blocks with names, many familiar, of former club members who together made the quilt. The Historical Society invites anyone with information on the CSW Club to contact them.