An old quilt from Kiowa that was found by an Alva man while cleaning out his father’s house was donated to the Kiowa Historical Museum last week. Rod Murrow said he came upon the quilt and quickly realized that it was from the Kiowa CSW Club and had a date of 1940. He did some research on what old Kiowa News editions from the 1940’s he could find online and found the club mentioned a few times, but didn’t know what the initials “CSW” stood for. Rod called The Kiowa News with the request to donate the quilt, which is in excellent condition, and was put in touch with Buford Cloyd from the Historical Society. Friday morning Rod and his wife, Carolyn, drove from Alva to the Kiowa Historical Museum to donate the quilt. Pictured above (left to right) are historical society members Marsha Michel, Darlene Cloyd, Buford Cloyd and Nita Birdwell along with Carolyn and Rod Murrow. There are names on the individual quilt blocks with names, many familiar, of former club members who together made the quilt. The Historical Society invites anyone with information on the CSW Club to contact them.